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TRINITY LAB is a workshop dedicated to establishing a community of cinematographers and camera operators in Asia. In this initiative, we share tailored knowledge, training directions, and tips specifically designed for operators, with a focus on equipment configuration and workflows in the film and commercial industries.

TRINITY LAB-China concluded successfully on September 28, 2023 in Qingdao. The Korea LAB was successfully completed on March 22, 2024 in Seoul.

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CINE EXPO Exhibition

Different from traditional film equipment exhibitions, we position CINE EXPO as an experiential culture journey, aiming to showcase the future of media and film technology in a youthful manner. We are committed to transcending regional and brand differences, embracing global diversity. Our aim is to present visitors with an exciting convergence of cutting-edge technology and brand culture. CINE EXPO 2023 and 2024 were successfully held on September 29, 2023 in Qingdao, and March 23, 2024 in Seoul.

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Upcoming Workshops

In addition to TRINITY LAB Asia Tour, we have long-term collaborations with universities, including Beijing Film Academy and more, to conduct numerous workshops and lectures focused on STEADICAM, TRINITY, and other film equipment. In August 2024, we are co-hosting a three-day STEADICAM workshop in Seoul, in collaboration with Korean Directors of Photography Society (KDPS).

Upcoming workshops, including Underwater Cinematography, will also bring more creative possibilities to filmmakers in 2025.

Embrace The Difference

As a cutting-edge and distinctive international media company, we have always adhered to the attitude of integrating global cultures and accepting different backgrounds and viewpoints. To create an international new channel for China's film and television. we always keep up with the world's advanced technology and artistic concept in real time.



ARTJOY is an international entertainment company integrating films and televisions, commercial productions, below-the-line agency services, new platform content exploration and IP value development.

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